It's more pleasant to dancing in this life rather than grudge it endlessly
I'm already tired for always trapped in the past and feel lost everytime the memories come

some of the matter is still goes on until now
I won't pretend that everything is alright again, I won't pretend that I much stronger than before
Choose not to feel at all is not always lead to good ending, everything is leave me behind before I know it
There was another choice that I can't see before,
no matter what kind of places God decide you to be born in
no matter what kind of parents you have
no matter what kind of surround peoples treats you
you can be happy, you have the right to choose that choice no matter what

face it no matter how long it takes, laugh it over makes the thing more friendly and not as scary as we always think.

Connection Invading

So, I've been restrict myself for using internet too much
last month I become less productive because of it. The story begin when the phone provider give our home free internet acces for one month, the connection is less suck than it always be so I keep downloading the series that been rotten in my long download list xD

nothing can beat the freedom that you get when you employed yourself, that fact make me lost
I'm overjoyed and in the end everything was suck

I'd better make a good use of it :)
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Denim Jacket

Try to make denim jacket for myself,


the fabric is thick so I get problem because my sewing machine is the old one, hard to move and consume many needles,
not very neat too ^^;


and the most thing that make me crazy is to stick this button to the jacket, it's SUPER hard, loose again and again, seems I must find the previous form that can't move *this one is can move button*.


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Red Vest

This is sei_bexiga vest, she desaigned it herself *I love the design ><b*

because at that time I only brave to go to near fabric store, so it's a bit hard to find the fabric. Now after I spot a new place, there was a bunch of  sweater fabric with many colors drama-crazy-rabbit-emoticon


The 'EIGHTER' logo,

From back, Eito ranger helmets

because I made a mistake with make too big pierced so it hollowed, I get a new jacket *it's not my first time get a new jacket in this way ^^;*
I add a bowtie and long sleeve :)

Kanzashi Flower

Ohayou :)

I've been falling in love to Kanzashi flower
Then, I decide to make it. Thanks to michannosekai for helped me :)

first, I add too much petals so it ended up hard to stick them together  *greedy mode on*. 

second, I give up to add too many petals and the result is  more good than before *lol*. I try to make double petals,

is halfdown, I'll make brooch so I can wear them in my headcraft :)


(Fast preview) Holding Eito Ranger

Holding eito ranger,
fixed this about five months ago, thank you to dokkunnoshakkun and Riska-san so I have a chance to make this 
ordered to attached in car mirror but the rubber stamp (here they call "cop kaca" *not 'cop' in english language*) didn't work well in Riska-san car
later I must search the big one. here the pics,